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We’re better than this.

Let me begin by saying this post has been several months in the working. In the spring of this year I had the opportunity to view the documentary “The Hunting Ground.” As I watched and listened to the stories of … Continue reading

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I’d like to begin by saying I have not come to this view lightly or without considering its significance. I believe the United States should repeal its current marijuana laws. I have been watching a number of documentaries and television … Continue reading

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So I’ve been a regular listener of Fox Sports Radio Programming for about 13 years now. The local affiliate 1460 KXNO is one I would listen to as I was falling asleep at night or getting ready for work in … Continue reading

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Men’s Tourney 2016

So I still have 2 final four teams alive. I have Carolina beating Oklahoma in the championship game. My other teams were Kansas and Michigan State, but oh well… For all those who doubted Syracuse’s tournament credentials, I guess coach … Continue reading

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In giving background, I am going to tell you how I’ve voted in presidential elections since I became an eligible voter 24 years ago. Clinton (twice), Gore, Bush, Obama (twice). If you look at that and consider me a Democrat, … Continue reading

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Phife Di-Dawg

So it’s been almost a year since I’ve published anything, and a few days since the passing of Malik Taylor aka Phife Dawg. At the time of his passing I posted that A Tribe Called Quest is my favorite hip … Continue reading

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Just random

I’ve been pretty weepy the last few days. Nothing in particular; a Whirlpool commercial, a Facebook post. One post in particular is on my mind. The story is about a wife who wanted her husband to spend some time with … Continue reading

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