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Story County Jail Ministry pt. 2

I want to begin this post by sharing that the impetus for it was provided by Jan. We had a conversation after a meeting last Saturday and she shared some thoughts and asked some questions that got me thinking. As … Continue reading

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Thank YOU!

While I was in Atlanta for the holidays, I noticed something my mother starting doing during mealtimes. We have always asked a blessing and thanked God for our food prior to eating. I grew up with “God is great,God is … Continue reading

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Be angry and do not sin.

Ephesians 4:26 as well as Psalm 4:4 tell us to “Be angry and do not sin.” I have to be honest and share that I am having serious trouble with that right now. Let me first state that I love … Continue reading

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Story County Jail Ministry (borrowed from

The opportunity to meet with the inmates at the Story County Jail was presented to me by Pastor Toran. I was informed of this in November of last year, after I was ordained. Pastor Toran asked if it was something … Continue reading

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…and now Pastor Lawrence

This post has been over a month in the making. The subject, however and the manifestation of what God has done has been at work for much longer. The Genesis On October 13th, myself and three others were ordained and … Continue reading

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So, here we go…

The events of the last few days have me pondering quite a few questions and have me searching my heart for what’s true. I have some opinions on some things, and even as I have read prayed and searched for … Continue reading

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Does Evil Triumph?

This post contains a question brought on by the recent events I Aurora, CO. It’s a question that comes up anytime we bear witness to tragedy in our society. We, as Americans, may be more prone to pose this question … Continue reading

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