So I’ve been a regular listener of Fox Sports Radio Programming for about 13 years now. The local affiliate 1460 KXNO is one I would listen to as I was falling asleep at night or getting ready for work in the morning back when I didn’t work vampire hours (more on that later). Back then, the overnight show was called The Third Shift. It was Jorge Sedano and Karen Kay. My favorite part of the show was the call from Cowboy in Windsor. It was so funny because they would always play sound effects to throw him off his game of giving all the birthdays, deaths, and other information about different sports luminaries that occurred on that day. They would always end with The Jetson’s flying car sound which totally cracked me up.

As my work hours and sleep schedule changed I have continued to follow the show. It’s one of the ways I stay awake at night (I’m currently a 3rd shifter). I enjoy many of the shows on Fox Sports Radio, but Ben Maller is probably the show I listen to most often. In the aiirrrr Evvverywhere! There’s Big Ben, Danny G, Justin Cooper (Coop-a-loop), and Eddie Garcia.

One of the things I love about the show is the games and “other” segments. Every Monday morning there is the Insta-advice line (screener-free radio) where Ben invites the callers to give advice to someone in the world of sports. Usually every week there is someone who calls in imitating a famous call from “Mark the full name guy.” I would look (insert sports figure name here) square in the eye and tell him YOU HANG UP ON YOURSELF BEN MALLER!!! 😉

Speaking of Mark the full name guy, there are the cast of callers: Jeanie in Medford, OR, Tammy in Montana, Falexis in Rochester, Lance the bus driver, Judgemental John (Michigan homer and hater of professional football), Jason in Windsor (crushing on Tammy in Montana), Dick in Dayton (shoutout to the Kettering Banjo Society), Jack the Judge and Leslie (Fact or Fiction regulars), Jeopardy Balderdash Al,Slug in Vegas, Blind Scott (Boston homer), Real Talk (boom boom… never mind), Hollering James (insert snoring sound effect here), Andrew in Fremont (long time winner in the former game “Coach, Player, Entertainer” and supplier of one of the funniest moments in Maller game show history  😀 ), and the show curmudgeon Radio Rich who would like to tell you some interesting facts about someone from Wheeling, West Virg *dial tone*




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I am a college student, follower of Christ, lover of *good* music, part-time writer, oldest (or only, depending on who you ask) son, Atlanta sports FANatic....
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