Men’s Tourney 2016

So I still have 2 final four teams alive. I have Carolina beating Oklahoma in the championship game. My other teams were Kansas and Michigan State, but oh well…

For all those who doubted Syracuse’s tournament credentials, I guess coach Boeheim and the Orange are having the last laugh.

Buddy Hield is really lighting the world on fire in his last few days off intercollegiate competition. Having seen him against Iowa State this year and in several other Big 12 games, I can attest that he is the real deal.

And then there’s coach Krzyzewski and his post-game comments to Dillon Brooks. Being a Carolina fan, I take joy in any opportunity to take shots at the Blue Devils, but I always thought coach K was above the fray. I’m glad he later apologized for the remarks, but I never thought he’d be so petty. I guess we all have moments we’re less than proud of.

And now a little Kurtis Blow


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I am a college student, follower of Christ, lover of *good* music, part-time writer, oldest (or only, depending on who you ask) son, Atlanta sports FANatic....
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