Just random

I’ve been pretty weepy the last few days. Nothing in particular; a Whirlpool commercial, a Facebook post. One post in particular is on my mind.

The story is about a wife who wanted her husband to spend some time with another woman who loves him as much as she does – his mother. He takes her on a date and they spend some quality time catching up on life. They promise to try and do it again soon, but before they can she dies of a heart attack. Not long after he receives an envelope with a receipt and a note attached saying I wanted to make sure you take your wife out this time, on me. Of course it was from his mother who purchased a dinner out for them on their night together.

I’m a pretty emotional person so it doesn’t take much for me to be in tears, but this story got me thinking of my own mother. She has requested that I call her weekly. I usually do this on my days off and sometimes I forget. When I called her this morning, she filed me in on what’s going on with the family in Atlanta as usual. Maybe it’s because I really needed it or am in a weepy state of mind right now, but I particularly noticed something she’s been doing more regularly. I told her about the ministry work I did last night at a local jail as well as a standing appointment I have with a gentleman God has placed on my heart to minister to. She spoke so highly of the work that I’ve been doing and is increasingly speaking well of it. She has also been increasingly speaking blessings over my life and prophesying of the blessings God desires for me.

I used to be annoyed by her request to call EVERY week. The way I (used to) see it, there’s not much that changes in my life week to week. When things change or big things happen, she’s the first person I call anyway. What’s the big deal, right? What I’ve come to realize (what God has shown me) is that these weekly phone calls are just as much for me as they are for her. I’m really on cloud nine this morning and all it took was a call to my mother.

Still learning, still growing…


About lboogieiowa

I am a college student, follower of Christ, lover of *good* music, part-time writer, oldest (or only, depending on who you ask) son, Atlanta sports FANatic....
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