Living the dream…

So I’ve been waiting to post this, and now I feel the time is right, so here goes…

I’ve been blessed to see 40+ years on this planet. As I think about where I thought I’d be by now compared to what I imagined back in high school, it’s not even close. The reality is that it’s much different, because I’m on a much different trajectory. I certainly couldn’t have seen or even imagined I’d be where I am, but it’s so much greater than anything I could have asked for.

What I’ve come to realize is that what God had in store for me, completely blows my own imagination of what my life would become out of the water. As I reflect on what I thought I wanted, it was nice and comfortable. The word teaches us in Psalms 37:4 that as we delight ourselves in the Lord, he will give us the desires of our heart. My desires for my life weren’t bad or wrong in and of themselves, but they weren’t truly connected to delighting myself in the Lord. The reality is they were connected to the culture I grew up in and attached to the “American Dream.” Simple things like nice job, nice car(s), nice house, beautiful wife and a couple of kids. To a certain extent, those things are still true. The difference now is they are centered in an adoration for what God desires. The reality is if I had continued on a different path, I may have accomplished these things or seen them come to pass by now. If my heart had not been regenerated and transformed by an understanding of the love God has for me and what brings Him joy, there’s no telling what I might have done to see them come to pass. Lie, cheat, steal, manipulate people, etc. Because I now understand the deceitfulness of my heart before the transformation that is now come through the work of the Holy Spirit at the hand of God through Jesus, I’ve let go of inconsequential timelines. It’s not that I am no longer planning and taking steps to see my dreams come true, it’s that I am content with God’s timing. I don’t have to look at what those around me have achieved and feel as though my own accomplishments are insignificant. I can see and now I know and believe that what God has for me is for ME and no one else. The more I focus on and direct my attention to Him, the less I worry about a false perception of what I don’t have.

The word teaches in Luke 6:45 that out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks. As we were fundraising and making preparations for building homes in Nicaragua, a young lady whom I had never met sat in on one of our meetings. At some point during this meeting I believe we talked about who would be traveling to Nicaragua to actually build the homes. I knew that financially I was in NO position to go. I just “happened” to blurt out, “I’ll go if someone pays my way.” When I did this I had no intention of this being answered. In my mind, it was simply a statement of the facts. Well, that young lady who just “happened” to be at that particular meeting volunteered to pay my way. Thanks Lynette! As a result of this tremendous blessing, I was able to travel internationally for the first time in my life and begin the process of building homes. All the work that the team and I put in came to fruition and now two families have new homes. As a result of being recently ordained, I was given the opportunity to preach and witnessed a young man re-dedicate his life to Christ. As Don Carlos Alemán said, I’m now an international pastor. ¡Gloria a Dios!

The trip to Nicaragua was so much more than I could ever have imagined. God connected us and knitted our hearts to our brothers and sisters in Christ in Nicaragua in such a marvelous way that it defies description. There is no lack or hint of insufficiency in the economy of God. There’s always more. Exceedingly abundantly more. I am a living witness of the majestic profound depth of not only who God is, but also what he desires for His children. As I have committed my way to Him, more and more, day by day I am truly living the dream.

Me and the team…

Cristian, me, John and Dan

Cristian, me, John and Dan

At the site in Masaya minus Cristian

At the site in Masaya minus Cristian

At the site in Managua

At the site in Managua

My Life, I Like It!


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