Got some time so here we go…

So I’m sitting back waiting for the IT guy to figure out why my roaming profile won’t allow me to log in and I figured I’d post what’s on my mind.

NBA Trade Deadline
Even though it didn’t happen, why were the Grizzlies going to trade O.J. Mayo AND a first round draft choice for Josh McRoberts. I guess that’s why they’re the Grizzlies.

Boston traded Perkins… to hear Celtics fans, him being out of game 7 is the reason the Celtics didn’t win the title last year…. ;-S Whatever.

Hawks traded Bibby and a few others for Hinrich and a few others. I hope Hinrich does well, but at the end of the day this was probably most about getting Bibby’s contract off the books. Plus Mike is probably a few steps slower than he was when he signed the deal.

Lakers getting ready for the stretch run
The Lakers thrashed my hometown Hawks and then won an overtime matchup with Portland. Only two games, but they appear to be coming together just in time for the run to another three-peat.

Gas prices

When you hear his voice don’t harden your heart. God speaks to us in so many different ways we are truly without excuse for heeding his Word. The issue is our response to it. Those who are sons and daughters of The Most High God can have confidence in the fact that we are His children because of the atoning sacrifice of Jesus Christ. Everything we have is because He secured it for us, and now we are His (body, church, people). This confidence is not arrogance because it’s about nothing we have done in, of , or for ourselves.

This is the second part of this blog post which is being written at a later date:

Lakers win, Hawks Roll, Cyclones win
It was a very restful weekend. God engineered my circumstances such that I caught up on some much needed rest this weekend.

Missed the Cyclone game in Saturday, but any win over Nebraska is a cause to celebrate. I’m glad they stopped the bleeding of the 10 game losing streak. It’s been said before, so I’m not coming up with anything original here, but the way they played the majority of the conference schedule is what most fans expected before the season started. The hope that the non-conference schedule brought was quickly dissipated when we realized this team may not be as good as we thought. Tough close losses will give this team some mental toughness going into next season.

The Lakers took care of business on the road in OKC. I’m not looking forward to facing this team in the playoffs this year (if it comes to that) with Kendrick Perkins in the middle.

The Hawks are really good (and sometimes equally as bad). They’re really good when they push the ball up the floor on fast breaks. One of their major problems (as noted in the Portland win) is their tendency to make wild passes and other turnovers. When the Portland big men got into foul trouble, it wasn’t so much of an issue, but if they can’t protect the ball better, its going to be another short post-season.

That’s all folks!

Looking forward to spring with a little Biz Markie and the sample source: Roberta Flack and Donny Hathaway…


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I am a college student, follower of Christ, lover of *good* music, part-time writer, oldest (or only, depending on who you ask) son, Atlanta sports FANatic....
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